House Mandrake

Introduction to Mandrake

House de'Mandrake is one of four fictional major noble Houses on Road to Amber, a text-based roleplaying game set in Roger Zelazny's Amber series. This wiki is for players with an interest in the game and the Mandrake family. The information contained here is for OOC purposes only except where it explicitly states otherwise; IC information should be gained through roleplay and the lore system only.


Family - These are members of the Mandrake family presently in play.
Retainers - These are people in service to Mandrake, bound by loyalty or pay, presently in play.
Former Members - These are people who once were in the family, but for whichever reasons, they are no longer members of the House.


Backdrop Characters - These are characters who are presumed to either be actively around, or are available for use as colour characters or reference in Mandrake RP.


Gymnasium - A secret location in Amber, where Mandrakes have trained their bodies to perfection since Amber was founded.
Hospital - The charity hospital, one of House de'Mandrake's oldest holdings.
Lands - An incomplete list of lands and holdings outside Amber City proper.
Former Holdings - Formerly Mandrake possessions which the family would dearly love to regain.
Mandrake Manor - Recovered from Feldane, who had rented it out as apartments for the bourgeoisie of Amber.


Healing - One of the principle traditions of the House.
War - Another principle tradition of Mandrake, and its offshoots.
Knights - Mandrake's knightly order.
Religion - The Unicorn and you.

History & Culture

Timeline - An approximate timeline of House de'Mandrake's rise and decline to the present day.
Ancestors - Noteworthy figures from Mandrake's past.
Events - Some of the more important events in Mandrake's history, in greater detail.
Culture - Mandrake's traditions, beliefs, and expectations of behaviour.
Magic - Theories about the gifts of Mandrake

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