Backdrop Characters

There are many people who make up a House; not only the Duke and Duchess and their offspring and relatives as presently found in Amber proper, but dozens of others. The harried head of the cancer ward at the hospital; the obnoxious footman at the family's royal suite; the family of caretakers at the falling down keep far outside of Amber, and dozens of others. Sometimes they're related, sometimes they just work for the family, but they're around - and they all have something to say.

It may be that you want to know about them for your RP, or you might want a suitable NPC to use. All NPCs should include information on who to contact about them and any restrictions as to using them with their other pertinent data.

Lily - A young nurse-trainee at the hospital.
Mischa - A younger brother to Rachel, Lucretia's apprentice. Note: Different from the smith of the same name
Nurse Evans - A senior nurse in charge of the wounded ward at the hospital.
Rachel - Lucretia's apprentice, formerly working out of the hospital.
Ruthers - The footman assigned to the Mandrake Suite at the palace.
Yee Family - The crookbacked caretakers of Keep de'Mandrake.

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