House de'Mandrake has a history stretching back through the history of Amber itself. Some say that once, the Houses of Mandrake and Feldane were one; as Feldane guards the door of death, after all, so Mandrake guards the door of life. 'Death will wait' is not just a motto, but a firmly held belief. And, as with all devout belief, an entire culture has sprung up from this, both for members of the noble family itself, and their vassals.

Conflict - How Mandrakes are likely to view clashes of will or of arms.
Holidays - A calendar of events important in Mandrake lands.
Honor - What price honor? How Mandrakes view matters of loyalty, promises, oaths.
Learning - The typical and historical Mandrake view of a good education.
Medicine - A core of Mandrake's historic interests, but what is the general thought on it?
Religion - Why do religion and spirituality matter to the House?
Wealth - What is wealth, to a Mandrake?
Stories - Stories of Mandrake.

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