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Quina_deMandrakeQuina_deMandrake 13 May 2018 15:57
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I'm sure you're all wondering why I've called you here today… :-)

Lady Quina (pronounced Keena) was born into House Chantris and then married into House Mandrake. She is quite well known for her remarkable skill in training horses and in cultivating plants, and until about a decade ago was a fixture in Arden. Having mostly avoided politics and Amber's Court for much of her life, she was forced into both by her appointment as Adjutant to Prince Regent Julian, then King Julian I. As his Majesty's personal assistant, she became very much involved in all facets of government administration. When Julian was supplanted by Benedict, she became far less involved for a while. Her marriage contract was eventually terminated, though she remained with Mandrake and is now Duchess. In addition to her daughter Julia, Quina is raising her nephew, Rinaldo. An open secret in Amber was her recently-ended romantic involvement with Prince Gerard, which included a newly-arrived son named Luke.

Quina by Quina_deMandrakeQuina_deMandrake, 13 May 2018 15:57

I've ported all the information from the old wiki over here, as a starting point. Much is out of date, but most of the basic concepts about Mandrake are sound. I tweaked some things to reflect present day, but need to do more of that. I will, of course, ask the staff to change the link on the R2A wiki.

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