Lucretia was born in Amber, but was taken from it by her father Cosimo at a very early age. She was raised in shadow and married to an older man at the age of sixteen for political purposes; when that didn't work out, she returned home to pursue her studies. Eventually she left home to learn more on her own, making her way through shadow for the next three hundred years, until Cosimo summoned her to Amber. Therein followed a period of adjustment on both sides : Lucy getting used to Amber, and Amber getting used to her.

Since Lucretia has come to Amber, she has become Royal Physician of Amber, Cosimo has fled and Carolyne become duchess; Carolyne has since then died of a mysterious illness, and Lucretia has succeeded her upon the duchy's seat. Lucy was for a time engaged to marry Carolyne's son, Erasmus, but Erasmus has left the city to pursue a life of spiritual contemplation. Most recently, following Lucretia becoming duchess, she has become engaged to marry Prince Brand of Amber.

She remains administrator of the Mandrake Charity Hospital at this time. She stepped down from her position as Royal Physician when she became Duchess so as to avoid conflict of duties.

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