Ruthers was the footman assigned to the Mandrake suite at the palace. He is an older man, described as being in his fifties, with salt-and-pepper greying hair. He is sober, upright and deadpan, with a suggestion to him most of the time as if he would rather like to be scowling instead but his professional ethics forbid it.

He is essentially honest, but has a dislike of many of the members of the family; loyal to the family in the larger sense, while disapproving of the actual members he's met. He did not verbalize his disapproval but made it plain by inconveniencing them in small ways - pretending not to hear the door, or announcing guests very loudly when the family member is preoccupied or worse, has a hangover. He occasionally 'lost' messages - though never urgent ones - if he disapproved of the message's sender.

He could be bribed to show in guests when the family member had said they were not receiving company. He would not be bribed into injuring a family member though, even indirectly. If threatened, he would report the threat to the appropriate authority.

Ruthers was re-assigned by members of the House far less inclined to put up with that sort of nonsense. He is now caretaker for a less important House residence.

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