After spending twenty-three years in Cibola, Valentine de'Mandrake has returned to Amber. He's a hedonist by most standards, but not to the point of letting it overwhelm his dedication to the House. As one of the Mandrakes with Chantris heritage running about the city, he spends a fair amount of time with Chantris, but it's never less than clear where his primary loyalties lie.

For the House, he volunteers part-time at the charity hospital in the lower city. For himself, he runs a custom jewelry shop (with more than jewelry available, to those who know to ask) called Quiddities, and occasionally runs off on yet more ill-advised adventures in strange parts of the universe. Most recently he's been made Deputy Mayor of the Lower City (beneath Addison Feldane), which has seriously reduced his time spent at the hospital.

He is engaged to Adrianna Karm, and has not run screaming to Cibola over the news. Yet.

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