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Mandrake's Regiments (Approximately 8000 strong)

Cavalry Units (~4000)

The bulk of Mandrake's combat forces are mounted troops, taking advantage of their history of horse breeding to mitigate a great deal of the typical expense of fielding such troops. Even still, the House cannot supply all the horses themselves, and are forced to turn to other sources to fill their stables.

Knights of Mandrake (~300)

Unique amongst Mandrake's forces, the Knights are kept together as a single battalion - they are not subdivided. They are the elite, and nobles of Mandrake blood are more likely to be found here than anywhere else. Massive war horses, heavy armor, and the finest of arms make Knighthood an expensive proposition, and so when they agree to mercenary contracts, the price is usually incredibly high.

They are heavy cavalry, who wear plate and use heavy lances to charge enemy units with overwhelming force. In close combat, they are fond of broadswords and war hammers.

As the elite corps, the Knights consider themselves superior to the rivalries and feuds of the other soldiers, and for the most part the rest of the regiments accept this.

Light Cavalry (Hussars) (~1500)

The Hussars are the more common of the dedicated cavalry, designed for battlefield mobility and precision attacks, as opposed to the brute impact of the heavy cavalry. They are divided into ten companies, each with an internal command structure, and are the most commonly hired out as mercenaries.

In battle, Hussars wear light mail for defense, and lightweight lances for attack. Most companies also equip their men with short javelins kept in front of the stirrup, and used for attacks on the move.

Outside of battle, the Hussars are swagger made flesh. They're resentful of the superiority of the Knights, and disdainful of the Dragoons. They don't consider the Foot to be human.

  • Second Hussars - Their former commander just wouldn't hold his tongue around the Dragon.
  • Eighth Hussars - Green uniforms, this company is one of the more disciplined and loyal.

Mounted Infantry (Dragoons) (~2200)

The Dragoons fill the niche in between the footsoldiers and the purely cavalry units. They are trained as expert horsemen, but they use their steeds to join the battle quickly, before dismounting and fighting on foot. They are typically armored in a breastplate over a long coat of leather, and armed with sword and buckler. In addition, they frequently carry a heavy crossbow on their saddle, when a target requires engagement at a distance.

The flexibility of the Dragoons causes them to be the most frequently used by Mandrake to serve its needs. As they do not depend on their horses, they are the soldiers most often used for guard duty inside Amber City, and their frequent use as honor guards lends them a bit of an arrogant belief in being the 'favorites' of the nobles of Mandrake. It's possible that this belief masks a sense of inferiority to the 'true' cavalry of Mandrake. Since many Dragoons have been promoted from the ranks of the Foot, they are somewhat protective of the other infantry.

The Dragoons are divided into twelve companies, some of which are more notorious than others.

  • Third Dragoons: The Rejects. A rag-tag batch of misfits in desperate need of a firm command.

Other Units (~4000)

Pikemen (~1000)

  • Units of 100 men
  • Used for defending particular assets (medical troops, VIPs, etc)

Crossbowmen (~1500)

Field Medics (~300)

  • Not pacifists, not by a long shot.

Support Troops (~1200)


  • Organized into small companies of less than two hundred men, easier to hire out as mercenaries.
  • Idiosyncratic officers - learning from experience, and one another. A lot of field promotions.

Current Assignments

Currently assigned to Amber's army

  • Second and Fourth Hussars
  • First, Fifth, and Twelfth Dragoons
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