Yee Family

The Yee family is a family of men, only men; nobody has seen a woman to date. They are all gnarled, twisted and hideous in the best henchman sense of the word. There are presently six of them, ranging in age from about seventy down to about sixteen. The sixteen year old is not grey-haired and has less scars than the patriarch, but is no less gnarled and hunchbacked. They all have names beginning with Yee; Yeegort, Yeegrove, etc.

They are jacks of all trades who keep the Keep de'Mandrake from entirely collapsing into a pile of rubble. They raise pigs and chickens and some other livestock - leftovers from days gone by when Keep de'Mandrake was the original ancestral seat. Whether it is true that the chickens sometimes lay explosive eggs or if it is only a Yee family joke, no one is quite sure.

The Yee family do not leave the Keep, and only those of Mandrake blood can access the keep. Retainers are not able to get in without a Mandrake's cooperation. They are, thus, only relevant to people going to the Keep.

People wanting to use the Yees should contact the propco beforehand.

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